Stay in conversation

with the deepest parts

of yourself


“Have the courage to pay attention to what your life is telling you. Gaining wisdom isn’t only about life experience or achievement, it’s about knowing… with more of you.”

~ Jeff St. John, PHD


Enneagram growth work

Understand the architecture of your personality. How you live, react, think and why.


These free self-guided courses have been developed for you to take the first step in living a fuller, more present
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Dr. Jeff St. John, Ph.D.

Dr. Jeff St. John, PhD is a writer, coach, researcher and systems leadership facilitator with a deep curiosity in our human experience, the process of self-inquiry and personal transformation, and collective relational practices that create space for social change. He partners with individuals, community groups and organizations to guide them through transformational change while they move more fully into their potential. 

Jeff has a reputation for challenging people and breaking the rules – toward new ways of thinking and connecting to what matters to us most. Following his training as a psychotherapist, Jeff found his way into executive leadership as a systems innovator and strategist and from there into work blending scholarship and practice in personal and cultural transformation. 

Jeff writes and speaks about realizing our wholeness. He is passionate about holding the grit of real life and the beauty of our deepest hopes in a tension that creates real change – for all of us. Crafting story with research, vulnerability and a dry sense of humour – his approach connects us to one another and helps us find the deep relational possibilities in the everyday. 


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Dr. Jeff St. John, PhD

1 to 1 Coaching

The deepest and most customized work I do is through 1 to 1 coaching. Structured in a way that is tailored to what you need – even if you aren’t at a place to articulate this for yourself.