People call me an author, a thinker, an advocate, a relationship guy.

Really, I’m just a guy who spent a good chunk of time searching for better answers and sometimes forgetting to live the questions. I have spent much of my life trying to figure it all out, and now I’m here to share it.

I fell in love with exploring the mystery and art of living when I was young. I began a relentless pursuit of broader horizons and deeper understanding, matching my desire to experience life fully with a drive to understand deeply and have real impact on peoples lives.


For over two decades I have helped people create massive shifts in their lives

From the most vulnerable and under-resourced to the highest achievers working to reinvent themselves, reconnect to the message they have to live and evolve themselves to have the world changing impact they dream of.

Conversations can change everything

I learned early that conversations can change everything. I was 16 the first time I had a prolific conversation (you know, the kind that’s not just about girls and homework and parents being a drag.) I was sitting on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, helping a friend make sense of their world, and it changed the course of my life forever. His too, actually. Sounds a little bit too righteous, I know. But it happened. I was hooked. And I had all kinds of Help-The-World adrenaline coursing through my veins. I would never be the same.

Life happens, dreams get sidelined

Of course, life happens, dreams get sidelined, and my path was not a direct one nor was it a clean one. I got caught up in things not looking like I hoped they would and learned that my big dreams were not only not mine, but they were also just too small for me. I didn’t always practice what I teach. I found my path somewhere between my fierce grit to push forward and the wonder if everything is a gift.

Fathering is my greatest gift

My journey has had many turns. I’ve reached some of the brightest heights, felt the pride of achievement, and the despair of some dark nights. Like you, my journey has been sometimes messy, sometimes ridiculous, and sometimes pure bliss. Becoming a father has been my greatest gift, and the most penetrating wake up call. It brought me back to life and pulled me forward in ways I’m only starting to understand.

My divorce broke my life wide open

I’ve been through my share of tough stuff over the years I got married, became a father, divorced, recovered, lost loved ones, and started to lose myself in the process. I realized that I could see the path in front of me all laid out – because others had walked it before. It wasn’t my path it was someone else’s. I felt flat. Compressed. As if all the wonder had been sucked out of life, and the determination I had to keep going meant little. All that was left was to go through the motions.

My eyes opened

There were tough days. Lots of them. I knew I wanted more. I wanted to connect more deeply. I wanted to evolve. I wanted to inspire. I couldn’t just “be” anymore or go through the motions. I remembered that 16-year-old kid with a dream. So I went looking for him – and rebuilt myself in the process – but it wasn’t straight forward. It was messy. It wasn’t about waving a magic wand or wishing my way to happiness. It’s been hard work.

All the way along I have dug deep and kept my wonder. Always pursuing a deeper understanding, a better question, a fuller way to know the mystery and art of living. I gave myself to a career of supporting people to break free of the painful story they were stuck in and create the massive changes they want and need in their lives.

I devoted myself to studying the human experience

I completed a master’s programs in spiritual philosophy and then Counselling Psychology, did a few internships, wrote dissertations, practiced as a therapist, thought “being a therapist is not my thing” and quit being a therapist, became an executive for a large human service NGO and worked on some pretty complex social issues. I won awards, launched a consulting business, and taught at post-secondary institutions.


What I do

I’m a writer, speaker, thinker, consultant, and coach who helps you evolve – your thinking, your doing, and your relationships – the ones you have with you, the folks you love, your colleagues, strangers, and the world so you can quit following along and truly live. You already know you are here to live for something. I can help you tap in, move beyond your purpose and create the life, work, and relationships you love.

My process is gritty – like crossfit for the soul – Push hard. Dig deep. Create change. I don’t dodge big issues, tough problems, or dark places. If you have chaos (who doesn’t?), I help make sense of it. We go there. Yes, there. I have done therapy with 100’s of individuals, and built programs that have touched 1000’s. I have led organizations that touch 10’s of thousands of lives annually. I have built personal growth and skill building courses and curriculums that continue to reach tens of thousands. And I have trained thousands.

I have taught people how to roll with life’s punches, uncover meaning, take action, and answer profound questions. When life throws you to the wolves (which it does), you will have the tools to adapt, thrive, and outsmart those beasts. Every time.

Join me.
joseph_campbell_quoteJeff St. John is a Canadian based writer, consultant, coach and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and Principal Consultant at U Group Consulting, a collection of consultants and professionals interested in making the world better together.