I work with organizations, agencies, government and individuals that are seeking to evolve and have a greater impact in the world. I bring strategic thinking and insights to spark innovation, increase impact and deepen the connections that leaders and organizations have in their community innovation to the boardroom table. I apply rigorous and researched-based theories to transform learning, growth, and life paths for individuals and teams.

I have worked with senior government officials, elected officials, at-risk youth, parents, couples, existentially seeking adults, indigenous groups, refugees, SMB & NGO leaders, and recovering corporate executives – solo, in small groups, and in large organizational structures. The desire to live big and leave a lasting impact is not relegated to one type of person, career, age group. We all want more.

Areas of Deep Expertise 

I write, think, and teach on issues related to men and masculinities ­– like fathering, men and shame, healthy masculinities, and living full, free, and strong. I connect with leaders to help them get clear on their purpose, connect deeply, and execute brilliantly.

I lead strategic and developmental processes to get to the heart of your sense of purpose individually and organizationally and I help apply rigorous and research based thinking to make sense of the impact you’re having and the way to make it deeper, stronger and wider.

Bring me to your table if you need:

  • Strategic thinking, planning and related participatory processes
  • Facilitating tough conversations and shared decision making
  • Evaluation and strategic development of programs and initiatives
  • Coaching executive leaders in all aspects of organizational impact
  • Organizational readiness for change assessment and planning
  • Organizational assessment / development
  • Coaching, Training, and Leadership development

You can expect me to push your thinking and some buttons, challenge and expand your views, and work with you to create an approach to work and life that works for you. We’ll implement it together.

I lead a partnership driven social impact consultancy called U Group Consulting. U Group’s sole purpose is to help you do your good better.

Let’s start a conversation.