Meet Jeff St John

Storyteller. Facilitator. Provocateur.

 I engage people in going deeper and discovering the huge capacity they have to change, learn and evolve themselves – from awareness to massive action.

I have an extensive background facilitating dialogue, inviting groups of all ages to explore their beliefs, discover new ideas and take inspired action towards creating the lives, families, communities and worlds they want to live in.

I have been an adjunct faculty and instructor at several universities and colleges, keynoted at conferences of all sizes and conducted half / full day training sessions for thousands of people in numerous organizations.

I am highly relational and down to earth in my approach. I use a creative blend of theory, science, history, story, poetry and prose to break through deeply engrained ways of seeing things, and I engage audiences in making the subject their own.


Speaking Topics

The Changing Face of Fathering

Becoming a father and eventually a stepfather as well was one of the most life changing experiences I could have ever imagined. It has been the most amazing journey with the most profound joy and, I’m not going to lie…. stress. What it means to be a father in the western world is rapidly shifting amidst changing economic and relationship realities. This is an informative, often humorous exploration of the changing role of fathers blending story, research and science.

Masculinity, Myth and Privilege

Discover the history of masculinity through the exploration of myth, story and the evolution of social relationships. Make sense of all of todays voices talking about men and masculinities. From what it means to be a great man to the myths we seem to still embrace and to the way we talk about male privilege. This talk takes a deep look at the pulls of the different conversations about men in todays world and gives you a road map for making sense of masculinities, male brain development, mental health, and trying to be a ‘good man’. We look at how to courageously challenge the status quo, working through shame and guilt and finding balance and strength while power shifts. The world is changing for the better – learn how to be in this conversation without getting run over by it.

Masculinity and the Challenge of Vulnerability

Everyone looks to you to be “the man”. To be a strong, unwavering protector. How do you be a guy and move towards authenticity and vulnerability while navigating the nuanced complexity of masculinity and the expectations of loved ones. Being vulnerable is not so straightforward. Is it worth the risk? Is it possible to be vulnerable and not put your most important roles and relationships in jeopardy?



Sometimes it can be helpful to have a more participatory experience around a focused topic area. I have created tailored workshops to enable high levels of participation and engagement with your group while creating a space to explore and try out new ideas in practice.

Start Your Self-Revolution, Find Your Wonder and the Courage to Reach Your Dreams

When faced with challenging times, or change is needed it can take a lot of strength and courage to move yourself forward toward your dreams. You might have articulated your dreams and vision clearly but there are still things in your way. This could be fear of many different things or you just can’t get moving. I can help you make sure your dream as you see it is actually your true dream, and how can you lead a self-revolution to get you there.

Conversational Leadership

Today’s organizational teams are different and the problems they are faced with are complex, requiring great thinking from different points of view. How can you engage your team’s best thinking? I help you leverage the collective wisdom surrounding you to make great decisions. Thinking with, not for those you work with.  Achieve your goals through broader engagement with your team. Helping you include and capture your team’s best thinking by exploring the questions that matter.

Difficult Conversations Can Be Transformational

Conversations can change your relationships and change your life. We are all a work in progress. Debunk the myths many of us believe about what leads to great communication and help you re-chart a new path to building great relationships through our conversations. Uncover your hidden conversational talents and build your capacity to understand others more fully.

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In addition to these topics, we can set a customized focus based on your needs. Contact me and we can explore that together.