Research and Design Thinking for Social Change

Cultural Transformation | Larger Scale Strategic Leadership Projects | Product + Program Design

We partner with you for game changing activist oriented social research, design work and world changing social marketing campaigns. Research done well is a co-creative process that sparks new and better conversations that change the world. As a scholar-practitioner focused on the intersections of people and culture, I am critically aware of the importance of attending to the ways our current civic conversations intersect with our personal lives and the work you are doing in community. This work is always a complex blend of interdisciplinary scholarship, sometimes clinical knowhow and thoughtful-and-gutsy leadership.

I partner with NGO’s, government, and businesses who are tackling the biggest issues – gender equality, positive and engaged father involvement, harm reduction practices, and engaging boys and men in physical and mental wellness, healthy relationships, and nonviolence. Engaging in these conversations in order to meaningfully inform everything from product and program design, to how we connect in person and digitally in an integrated human way, and how we design policies that address systemic and structural issues is where my team and I focus.

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