Collective Leadership

Collaborative Design + Strategy for Governance and Leadership

Through a partnered effort, I help you make the leap forward towards an adaptive, collaborative and focused way of working so you can have a truly authentic impact.

Leading into the wilderness – scaling and changing the game – with a diverse group of staff, governance volunteers and community stakeholders is an art and a science. Growing your capacity to find new ways of being and working together is one thing. Doing it without a plan or structures that consider context and a local sense of value, can stop you from having the outcome you want. The Collective Leadership Program helps define the shared language that holds these new realities you are trying to create.

Leading a sustainable change in your organizational culture – becoming what the world and the future, needs you to become – means aligning your board and your team. We build a plan together that includes immersive and follow up processes that lead to skill development, pattern recognition, courageous conversations and conflict, awareness and capability. We tackle dynamics, and patterns that create drag on your movement and invite the reflective and aligned conversational practices that create momentum for change. Then we help you execute, adapt, and learn.

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