Minimalism of the Soul: Ground yourself in the Now – Type 7

Joe was a successful graphic designer and entrepreneur.  He had a flair for the dramatic and a funny story always ready to entertain.  

Joe’s work required him to be “on” and entertaining, turning small talk to business relationships.  He was truly gifted at connecting and getting to know new people.  

Fine food, parties and new experiences were always a thrill.  

Over time, Joe’s business really started to take off.  He was soon at events every day of the week.  And when nothing was booked, he would find something to fill the void.  Saying “no” to things became harder and harder…. why would you say no to the fun?

New friends and new experiences was fuel to keep going and exploring life.  

Slowly, the days while busier than ever, were actually more empty than ever.  The more Joe filled his days, the less full his life actually felt.  

He started to miss details, not have the energy to follow through on projects and pretty soon, the business started to suffer.  Old friends began to feel ignored and neglected, slowly drifting away.

About You

If you are a Type 7, grounded in the Mind Intelligence Centre, you experience your world intellectually. Thoughts, logic, facts and vision are important to you. You handle and deal with life’s disappointments by analyzing everything. You are great at developing a deep understanding of dynamics and how things work… or don’t. This helps you develop and build great plans that can accomplish your goals.

Besides data and analysis, you love to experience the world around you deeply and fully. You enjoy life and love to indulge in the pleasures around you, food, new experiences, achievement, social interactions. The new and unusual experiences draw your attention and make you feel more alive. You look ahead for your fulfillment. Looking to what life has to offer you next. You aren’t afraid to meet new people, in fact you crave it.

You are a tireless cheerleader for others. You can break through tense situations with humor and charm. You are comfortable in social settings and with conversations with strangers. You make a delightful party guest and are very entertaining. The focus on keeping the energy fun and light and exciting is your strength. You are the life of the party. Experiences are to be enjoyed and consumed.

The idea of pain frightens you. You don’t like discomfort, conflict or difficult situations. You may even use your exceptional analytic skills to give you the distance needed to feel emotionally safe. By understanding and digging into situations you can figure things out without taxing your feelings too much or making yourself vulnerable.

People describe you as energetic, visionary, joyful, enthusiastic and resilient.

Those around you see your ability to see the positive in every situation. You have boundless energy that allows you to connect with many people and experiences. There is never a dull moment for you. You are likely an accomplished achiever who people would describe as fast paced, visionary and energetic. You enjoy the energy of a good party and if it isn’t there, you will make it or find it elsewhere.

You love people and relationships that are new and exciting. This can work in your favor for the most part. However, if you don’t maintain a healthy balance, you can start to appear flighty or scattered. As your stress levels rise you may not be able to follow through on the commitments you made when your energy was at its best.

The Cost of Not Being Present

A Type 7, living life from the Mind Intelligence Centre can be a rewarding and rich experience. You have an amazing ability to deeply understand dynamics, relationships and processes. Deeply experiencing the world is something you enjoy. You make sure you have no shortage of exciting experiences in relationships and at work. You don’t live life on the surface, you want the rich experiences of digging in and enjoying it all.

However, there are some cautions for those who identify with the Mind Intelligence Centre and have an excited energy and desire to fully explore and experience life. In your excitement to build an amazing vision, team, relationship etc… you may skip over some of the necessary details. You can be prone to lack of follow through or finishing projects before you are on to the next. You can get so wrapped up in the excitement that comes with new and unique that you no longer invest in the people or things that have been around supporting you. Those closest to you may at times feel cast aside for the latest friend or trend.

Intimacy can suffer if this is where you operate from. You can be seen as scattered and keeping options open in ways that keeps friends and partners at a safe distance.

If things are not going well or you are stressed, you may lack compassion or become easily bored.

How to Practice Being Present

Type 7’s are visionary and accomplished in their careers or their lives. You might be great at reaching goals but you probably also feel empty and isolated. There is a great potential to be unlocked if you can find balance and leverage your strengths.

There is great potential in the Mind Intelligence Centre. If you can balance or temper the “consumption” of new things and the pursuit of excitement, you will find you can achieve more than you thought possible for. Managing your anxiety will allow you to tap into your true strengths. Levels of intimacy with those closest to you can be improved. You can be an amazing partner, friend and confidante when you find ways to balance and focus on what or who is in front of you.

There are a few strategies you can use to raise your level of consciousness.

  1. Notice when you anxiously fill up space in conversations as opposed to really truly crafting a valuable conversation. Try and tune into where the anxiety is coming from. Are there any patterns you can see? If you allow yourself to stay with it and analyze it, it will reduce over time.
  2. Think about what you are afraid of when you keep moving on to new and exciting things. How would others describe your energy and drive? Is this how you want to be seen?

Focus of Attention

If you are a Type 7, grounded in the Mind Intelligence Centre and have high energy and seek new and different experiences, you also likely deal with anxiety.  You may be hard to pin down and get a commitment from. Your focus can easily drift to the next new exciting thing.

Getting Unstuck – Practice of You

Becoming the best version of you often requires a focused plan to get “unstuck”. We all have a tendency to settle into patterns and habits. In your case, the patterns may actually be the lack of patterns. You struggle to be attentive and focused. You are so busy filling your schedule and your life you may lose sight of the big goals and the details to get there.

If you identify with the Mind Intelligence Centre and you have a vibrant, enthusiastic approach to life, you also may worry about what other people have that you may not. This desire to compare can leave you feeling empty and unsatisfied or like you aren’t “keeping up”.

There are some simple strategies that can help you re-balance and focus to be your very best.

  1. Stop – filling every moment of your schedule. Build in time to catch up and reflect. Find ways to build silence and reflection into every single day, twice a day if you possible can.
  2. Feel the Sad – Being the life of the party is hard sometimes. Allow yourself to actually feel the negative emotions we all have. Dip into your grief or sorrow. Give yourself time to overcome hurts.
  3. Focus – Really focus on what people are saying. Stop your internal dialogue that boils down their conversation to a few simple sentences. Challenge yourself to stay in the moment with the people you speak with today.

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