Our Approach

Start With You

The gift of the deep complexity you’re experiencing is that your work has never been more clear.

How you relate determines how well you create. We help leaders and teams be future ready and make a lasting difference by teaching radical self-inquiry, facilitating for collaborative intelligence, and coaching for teams working to solve big problems. We pay close attention to how we do these four things:


Expansive listening and better questions.


A dynamic understanding of adult development.


Perform together to include and inspire.


Getting things done better.

We listen unusually well

Deep listening for better questions

We listen better than most. We’ve trained far longer and harder than we needed to learn how to listen with the ears of an ethnographer, facilitator, coach and executive leader. We know that anything worthwhile starts with listening with a depth and focus that is rare.

We are serious about being curious

Relentlessly seeking better and more beautiful questions

We are experts in the key processes that make for deep inquiry and insights for you, your people and for the way forward. We relentlessly develop our capacity for knowing better together so we can support the evolution of your capacity and impact – whatever that means for you.

We’re comfortable in fierce landscapes.

Complexity and ambiguity doesn’t stop us from getting things done

Complexity doesn’t have to be scary – but it does need to be matched. We’ve worked with toxic and reactive leaders, complex collaborations, scrappy start-ups and everything in between. We’ve learned that how well you run your inner game determines whether you will succeed in environments that are unfamiliar and uncertain.

We create generous spaces

For experiences that solve and develop at the same time

We create spaces to foster psychological safety so that you and your people can hold fierce conversation alongside authentic compassion; grit along with a deep sense of caring. We pay close attention to our stance and our language – adapting on the fly to move people and teams to places they didn’t believe they could reach.

We’re flexible and adaptive

So our work together is integrated into your day to day

The art of thinking together whether in coaching, facilitating, directing, collaborating, hosting dialogue, wondering together and tapping into our collective intelligence all require a seasoned capability to adapt and move where our future is inviting us. We’ve worked with do-gooders of every stripe. Social entrepreneurs, innovators, business owners, government officials, human services, world-class academics, and renowned thought leaders, non-profits, religious organizations – and we can keep pace and keep our focus to come up with results.

We partner for the long haul

Lead with wisdom and compassion

Today, there are no unimportant conversations. Gender, race, equality, power, truth and reconciliation, how we invest in the next generation — are all conversations we have in our workplaces, communities and families. How we include while we transform our communities, systems and our organizations will only happen to the degree we deal with our own shadows.

  • "Your approach strikes a good balance between slowing down the organization so that it can become truly reflective and gathering up the threads in a way that gives it direction for going forward."

    John Burton, LL.B., M.B.A., M.Div., Ph.D., Assistant Professor Business Ethics, UBC
  • "Jeff is a gifted leader with a wonderful ability to help others find order amidst chaos. His ability to create space for exploration and dialogue creates a rich experience for discovery and sense-making."

    Mike Grogan Principal, Adaptive Capacities
  • "Jeff was open and easy to work with. He took the time to listen and understand the specifics of what I was looking to accomplish and offered fresh ideas that helped organize and formulate a custom strategic plan that was easy to understand and implement. As a result, I was able to help my clients manage their defined goals and track progress."

    Brad Biesel
  • "Jeff created a coaching program that was uniquely suited for my development. Together we have engaged in some incredibly transformative conversations that have led to me taking significant and exciting risks in my leadership and ultimately my career. Through his support I trust myself more completely now and my career development has been accelerated because of this."

    Dave Sannes, MA (c) Manager of Strategic Initiatives
  • "Jeff is a thought leader in the area of social change and innovation. I admire Jeff’s ability to process quickly and make sense out of complex situations to find ways to deal with some of our most perplexing social problems."

    Janay Ferguson Owner, Litehouse Consulting Inc
  • "Jeff is my ‘go to’ guy for strategy, insight and feedback on what it takes to nurture health and vitality into organizations.  A refreshingly focussed listener, Jeff connects his client(s) needs with a wealth of relevant knowledge, insight and experience gained from on the ground experience.  Jeff applies his gifts and the tools of his trade with little fanfare – almost matter-of-factly.  The result for the client is a trust and confidence in the diagnosis and the process for moving forward." 

    Chris Lock Former President (retired), The Mentor Group
  • "Jeff’s approach encourages a deeper level of thoughtfulness. He is insightful in his thought process and feedback, supporting both myself and our agency to engage with greater intentionality and creativity."

    Andrea Silverstone Executive Director, Sagesse
  • "Jeff has been invaluable to our teams as we have developed new strategies for violence prevention as an agency. Jeff is a very skilled and thoughtful facilitator. Drawing on a his expertise in issues relevant to men and boys and violence prevention, he was able to engage and  lead our team members through a program re-design process that resulted in new, creative, and innovative approaches to the issue. I highly recommend Jeff"

    Gillian Weaver-Dunlop, MSW, RSW Director of Client Services, CWES
  • “Jeff has an innate ability to engage people in a way that helps them discover their strengths, and see what's possible. He is an adaptable coach who sees the individual (or group) as the expert and uses that as the key foundation to build upon in his work. Jeff brings an excitement and energy to every interaction that fosters an environment where creativity, strategic thinking, visioning and problem solving can authentically emerge.”

    Jennifer Stacey, MA Director of Operations, HIV Community Link
  • "I have had the pleasure of working alongside Jeff and would not hesitate to recommend him.  Jeff's facilitation abilities are stellar and time and again, he was able to engage and guide our leadership team through some difficult thought provoking issues and processes with relative ease.  As a result, our team has launched new and exciting initiatives which will ultimately benefit the community as a whole.”

    Ann O'Donnell Director, Resource Development & Communications, CWES