Thinking Together for a Change

Collaborative Intelligence & Leadership to Solve Big Problems | Scale Innovation

Dramatically grow your team’s ability to effectively solve a significant challenge your group is facing, by abandoning old habitual ways of thinking and relating and using social technologies to bring them from self to collective enquiry. Through this process, your leadership team will gain a greater capacity for both collaborating and wrestling with complex human and social challenges and be in a position to effectively drive the future with new habits and a hunger for a better and more integrated way of working.

Creating space, and building deep capacity to recognize patterns that limit and those that hold energy for change is hard work. Navigating competing models, diverse value sets, levels of consciousness, theories of change, incomplete metaphors and rigid interpersonal patterns requires deep creativity and skill. Accessing the collaborative intelligence of your community of partners is key for you to find the points of leverage for change that is hidden in habitual ways of hearing, seeing and acting. Whether it’s figuring out what’s next, sense-making with multiple stakeholders or scaling innovation in a new market, we work together to develop a clear path forward.

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