Watching Life Go By: Building Connection – Type 5

My phone vibrates. Another text.

My heart skips a beat when they text. Not in a good way.

What new chaos are they going to bring into my world?

I find some people just exhausting. I can lose myself in getting prepared to be with them. Navigating being around them. Recovering afterwards. I’ve had people like this close to me in the past

I love people, but I can’t always handle being around them.

My internal world often feels so rich and full and there is always so much going on that I don’t know how to just stop and be with people. Even when something deep inside of me says that’s what I really want. What I really need.

When I’m with people I take in so much of who they are, it’s often overwhelming. For me to spend time with someone I often pick up not just on what they are saying but what kind of energy they have. How they hold their body. How they move. I often find myself exploring what they are saying and how they came to feel and think the way they do.

It makes me a pretty good listener. But, it’s also like sticking my finger in an electric socket and soaking in 10,000 volts. It means that I take in so much information that I have some great insight, and insight is what I’ve built my career around. It’s also what people appreciate about me.

But sometimes, I wish I didn’t give a damn.

We all have so much light; so much pain; so much hope inside us. We are, all of us, full of life and struggle and suffering and grace.


About You

If you are a Type 5, grounded in the Mind Intelligence Centre, you experience your world intellectually. Thoughts, logic and facts are important to you. You make sense of your world through data – gathered through learning but also through your keen observation skills. If you resonate with the Mind Intelligence Centre, you connect with your world quite deeply but most people wouldn’t know it by just observing you. Type 5’s  have a deep and rich internal world. You sense and gather lots of information that you synthesize to deepen your knowledge and understanding. Mastery and competence are your goals. You are smart, insightful and often seen as analytical and expert.

You usually prefer working alone and not in groups. You are known to be a visionary and entrepreneurial thinker. Often gifted at surrounding yourself with people with complimentary skill sets, you are seen as strategic, thoughtful and inventive. You have a keen ability to understand systems and the big picture and people appreciate your ability to solve complex problems. A valuable member of any team, you often feel uncomfortable working too closely with others. And you certainly don’t want to feel indebted to anyone else.

Those close to you would describe you as smart, insightful, thoughtful, analytical and visionary.

People around you see your ability to gather information from diverse sources and make sense of it in ways that express the complexity and depth of the issue. All this knowledge and thinking is important to you and may even horde information and feel ambivalent about sharing it with the world. Type 5’s can appear emotionally detached and aloof. While you look in control to the outside world, you may actually feel quite alone and isolated. You have a strong ability to compartmentalize people, memories and emotions in ways that allow you to further observe and understand.

You love people but you also find them exhausting. Having to make small talk or connect in ways that feels superficial drains your energy even more. People see you as smart yet emotionally detached. You know that your mind is a great asset. So much so that you may ignore or neglect the rest of your being – body and heart. Anxiety can take over when you rely too heavily on your mind to navigate through your life.

The Cost of Not Being Present

Living life from the Mind Intelligence Centre can be a rewarding and rich experience. You have amazing abilities to really dig in and understand the world at so many levels. It is such an engaging way to live and is rich and full. So much so, that you can slip away from the reality that is in front of you. It can be so enticing to stay in your head and explore and further your understanding rather than face the day to day reality and the pain and struggle it holds.

If you don’t maintain a healthy balance beyond your reliance on your thinking, you can begin to neglect your health and your body, preferring to think your way through your days. If you want to be your best, you will need to find ways to pull your presence back into your body.

Investing in relationships is challenging and draining and it can be easier just to avoid all that. The intense pull to live in the rich, thoughtful world you have inside can mean you avoid spending time in relationships that can support and sustain you. If you aren’t able to balance yourself, you may find yourself alone and isolated, without the natural social supports that everyone truly needs.

People who identify with the Mind Intelligence Centre have some great strengths in how they engage with the world. However, relying too heavily on your thinking and ability to analyze, can hinder your ability to reach the heights you see for yourself. Whether that is in relationships or in your career, if you don’t find ways to balance your thinking with the other intelligence centres, you can end up frustrated, isolated and anxious.

You can easily slide into patterns that allow you to just think and reflect without dealing with other people. You may become cold and judgemental of others, further pushing them away. You can also become paralyzed and unable to put your ideas into action.

How Raise Your Level of Consciousness

If you are a Type 5 grounded in the Mind Intelligence Centre, you are a visionary strategist with a great ability to pull the threads of different information together to make sense. Goal setting and habit practices work somewhat for you but without the balance, you won’t ever really reach the heights you are targeting.

There is great potential for Type 5’s…..  If you could just find ways to bring those great ideas outside of yourself and into the real world in ways that work. And…. you might just need other people.

  1. Notice when you feel the need to retreat from relationships.  What is happening for you emotionally?   What are you afraid of?
  2. Pay attention to your physical being. Are you finding time daily to be “in” your body. This can be a series of quick stretches you do every hour to break up the day and refocus on your body, or meditation. Yoga is a great re-focusing exercise for the Mind Intelligence Centre types.
  1. Be Vulnerable – Find someone you trust with complimentary skills. Ask them for direct feedback on how you are engaging in conversations, relationships or a project – whatever area you are worried about. Really focus on the feedback and think about how you could incorporate simple changes to move you out of your head and into the world.

Focus of Attention

Emotional Habits

If you are a Type 5 and you find yourself relating to the Mind Intelligence Centre, you may be somewhat shy and detached. You collect ideas and “stuff”. You may be worried that others will intrude and take what you have. This fear of losing out and of having others interfere and take over your well curated and collected resources can lead to further isolation. You worry about the depletion of your energy, time and other resources.

Getting Unstuck – the Practice of You

Becoming the best version of you often requires a process to get “unstuck”. We all have a tendency to settle into habits and patterns. When we no longer think about how we respond and act, we are no longer intentionally achieving our goals. This practice of staying focused and attentive can be difficult. There are ways you can tune in that can help you focus and attend to your reality in helpful ways.

Type 5’s are embedded in the Mind Intelligence Centre and often worry about a “scarcity of resources” – namely their own energy. You may actually create more stress for yourself by worrying about what demands on you may come in the future. Catch any self-talk that you have that re-enforces the idea that others will drain your personal capacity. For example, change the statement “If I do this for them, or if I perform well, they will just want more and more” to “If I do this for them, or if I perform well, I will have contributed but I still have control over how I expend my energy beyond this project”.

Find time every single day to actually reflect on your feelings. You have deep feelings, you just likely don’t let yourself spend much time in them. Even if these are difficult feelings, find ways to resist sliding back into thinking when strong feelings emerge. Once you get practiced at noticing your feelings, you can take it to the next level by also allowing yourself to feel these sensations in your physical body.

“It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. For what are your possessions but things you keep and guard for fear you may need them tomorrow? …And what is fear of need but need itself?

Kahlil Gibran, from “on giving” the Prophet.

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