Leading Change

Our world is uncertain and complex, and the structures that once enabled great things have become our barriers. To deal with this complexity 80% of organizations have tried some kind of transformation project in recent years. 3 out 4 initiatives like this fail, often because close to 90% of the people who create the culture aren’t engaged or empowered for real change.

The issues outside are a reflection of the issues inside. I believe it is possible to live and work in a way that enhances the wellbeing of everyone.

I help leaders and coaches master their craft and reinvent their work by growing awareness-based practices, fuelling collaborative intelligence, and cultivating growth cultures.

Creating a growth + performance culture is about deliberate practices that expand our awareness, deepen our sense of compassion and commitment and create mastery in our performance. Paying real attention to ourselves, our close relationships and our practice is the only way we will navigate the deep value divides, blindspots and growth challenges we face in our community and work.

What we do

I design and facilitate processes that lead to deep engagement for team, organizational, and systems transformation. I help you and your team develop relational practices, shake free of limiting structures and change the way you work to navigate the landscape of values, systems and possibilities that make your work matter so much. From the whole person to the whole system.

What’s in it for you:

  • Foster a growth culture by deliberately practicing developmental mindsets that foster awareness, inquiry and growth at all levels.
  • Create clarity of purpose and alignment of talents or strengths so that your team can move past the blindspots that prevent meaningful work.
  • Fuel collaborative intelligence to tackle or reinvent the way you work together for change.
  • Create deep engagement by deeply exploring your thinking and emotional patterns and get competitive in the attention economy.
  • Enable change-agile leadership by equipping your team with transformational awareness-based relational practices.
  • Navigate the complex value systems at play and cultivate communities of belonging.

Consulting Solutions

Everything we do is bespoke – but here are a few ways that we usually start.