to create a future that works for all of us.

Practice U

We live in the worlds our conversations create. Practice your whole self and lead in a way that invites deep commitment and creates change.

Gain the courage to know and be yourself, transform your most important relationships, and grow your ability to influence and lead change. Integrating neuroscience, wisdom traditions, and social technologies, my approach helps you expand your awareness, develop growth practices, and lead in ways that spark social and organizational change.


Understand why you think, feel, and behave the way you do so you can understand how to wholly step into who you are with clarity and purpose.


Practice deeper, more focused liberating conversations about what really matters so you can have more effective relationships.


Create a culture that works for all of us by fostering growth, cultivating belonging, and including the whole person.


Play a courageous role in our future by thinking together to reimagine our potential, performance and impact.

My Approach

Our future is inviting you to be more you.

The problems we see “out there” are always a reflection of our inner world – how we think, see, and act together. This is true for you, your community, or your organizational system and the big change you are working for in the world.

Our world is complex. Real change – from the personal to the global – is no longer about doing the right things. Transformation has always come from waking up and liberating yourself from the structures that keep new life from breaking through.

The path starts here: deep self-knowledge, new ways of relating, and practices that allow for new seeing, thinking and doing.

Know Your Self

Transform your self-awareness

Practice the Art of People

Cultivate deep connection

Spark Big Change

Lead with the emerging future

  • "Your approach strikes a good balance between slowing down the organization so that it can become truly reflective and gathering up the threads in a way that gives it direction for going forward."

    John Burton, LL.B., M.B.A., M.Div., Ph.D., Assistant Professor Business Ethics, UBC
  • "Jeff is a gifted leader with a wonderful ability to help others find order amidst chaos. His ability to create space for exploration and dialogue creates a rich experience for discovery and sense-making."

    Mike Grogan Principal, Adaptive Capacities
  • "Jeff was open and easy to work with. He took the time to listen and understand the specifics of what I was looking to accomplish and offered fresh ideas that helped organize and formulate a custom strategic plan that was easy to understand and implement. As a result, I was able to help my clients manage their defined goals and track progress."

    Brad Biesel
  • "Jeff created a coaching program that was uniquely suited for my development. Together we have engaged in some incredibly transformative conversations that have led to me taking significant and exciting risks in my leadership and ultimately my career. Through his support I trust myself more completely now and my career development has been accelerated because of this."

    Dave Sannes, MA (c) Manager of Strategic Initiatives
  • "Jeff helps make sense of complex situations to find ways to deal with perplexing social problems."

    Janay Ferguson Owner, Litehouse Consulting Inc
  • "Jeff is my ‘go to’ guy for strategy, insight and feedback on what it takes to nurture health and vitality into organizations.  A refreshingly focussed listener, Jeff connects his client(s) needs with a wealth of relevant knowledge, insight and experience gained from on the ground experience.  Jeff applies his gifts and the tools of his trade with little fanfare – almost matter-of-factly.  The result for the client is a trust and confidence in the diagnosis and the process for moving forward." 

    Chris Lock Former President (retired), The Mentor Group
  • "Jeff’s approach encourages a deeper level of thoughtfulness.   He is insightful in his though process and feedback, supporting both myself and our agency to engage with greater intentionality and creativity."

    Andrea Silverstone Executive Director, Sagesse
  • "Jeff has been invaluable to our teams as we have developed new strategies for violence prevention as an agency. Jeff is a very skilled and thoughtful facilitator. Drawing on a his expertise in issues relevant to men and boys and violence prevention, he was able to engage and  lead our team members through a program re-design process that resulted in new, creative, and innovative approaches to the issue. I highly recommend Jeff"

    Gillian Weaver-Dunlop, MSW, RSW Director of Client Services, CWES
  • “Jeff has an innate ability to engage people in a way that helps them discover their strengths, and see what's possible. He is an adaptable coach who sees the individual (or group) as the expert and uses that as the key foundation to build upon in his work. Jeff brings an excitement and energy to every interaction that fosters an environment where creativity, strategic thinking, visioning and problem solving can authentically emerge.”

    Jennifer Stacey, MA Director of Operations, HIV Community Link
  • "I have had the pleasure of working alongside Jeff and would not hesitate to recommend him.  Jeff's facilitation abilities are stellar and time and again, he was able to engage and guide our leadership team through some difficult thought provoking issues and processes with relative ease.  As a result, our team has launched new and exciting initiatives which will ultimately benefit the community as a whole.”

    Ann O'Donnell Director, Resource Development & Communications, CWES


I help leaders and coaches master their craft and reinvent their work by growing awareness-based practices, fuelling collaborative intelligence, and cultivating growth cultures. I am a thought partner, coach, human systems consultant, activist-researcher, and speaker on the art and science of radical self and collective inquiry for transformational awareness, relational practices, and leading for profound change.

I have a deep curiosity in our human experience, the processes that make up how we see ourselves and what’s possible in our world – and how this is connected to systems and social change. My passion is capturing the grit of real life and the beauty of our deepest hopes, in a tension that creates real change – for all of us. By crafting story with research, vulnerability (and a dry sense of humour) my approach connects us to one another and helps us find the deep relational possibilities in the everyday.

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