We help purpose driven organizations and communities develop creative leadership, strong cultures, and make vital strategic progress on complex organizational, systems and community problems. 

Making an impact has always been hard.

It just got way harder.

Change happens.

Uncertainty. Complexity. Ambiguity.

It feels awful. Up at night: Your people are afraid. Resources are scarce. Collaboration stalls. You can’t get the results you need to get. You can’t be sure if your choices are right or if your strategy will even be relevant a month from now.

Is your team ready to engage, grow, and innovate for the bigger impact you want?

We design, consult, and coach for real progress on the most complex human problems.

Your mission is vital. Organizing for social good, building community, leveraging resources to serve and create lasting change demands more passion, resourcefulness and creativity than ever. You need your people seeing clearly, acting boldly, and doing your important work with more resolve and creativity than ever.

    New forms of thinking

+ Authenticity

+ Creative Competence

– Fear, Anger, Reactivity

= Stuff that Matters*

Connect Better

Evolve your team from the inside out.

Transform and Innovate

Develop an ecosystem for emergence

Create a bigger impact

Do your good better

We have a strong record

Working on the people side of designing for change

Business. Mental Health. Poverty. Violence. Health. Community Building.

With over 25 years experience designing, leading, and partnering for change. We’ve won awards for social innovation, secured 10’s of million’s for imagining and scaling new projects, designed transformation processes for organizational and community impact initiatives, taught in universities and defended ground breaking social research internationally. Our blend of human, research, and executive operational experience create real value when we partner together.

Our Clients

  • "Time and again, Jeff was able to engage and guide our leadership team through some difficult issues and processes with relative ease.  As a result, our team has launched new and exciting initiatives which will ultimately benefit the community as a whole.”

    Ann O'Donnell Director, Resource Development & Communications, CWES
  • "Jeff is a social change and innovation thought leader. I admire Jeff’s ability to make sense out of complex situations and find ways to deal with some of our most perplexing social problems."

    Janay Ferguson Owner, Litehouse Consulting Inc
  • "Jeff has been invaluable engaging and leading our teams to develop innovative new strategies for violence prevention."

    Gillian Weaver-Dunlop, MSW, RSW Director of Client Services, CWES
  • "A refreshingly focussed listener, Jeff is my ‘go to’ guy for strategy, and insight and feedback on what it takes to nurture health and vitality into organizations." 

    Chris Lock Former President (retired), The Mentor Group
  • "Your approach strikes a good balance between slowing down the organization so that it can become truly reflective and gathering up the threads in a way that gives it direction for going forward."

    John Burton, LL.B., M.B.A., M.Div., Ph.D., Assistant Professor Business Ethics, UBC

How We Can Help

Due to COVID-19 we’ve moved online

Team & Leadership Coaching (Virtual)
Team & Leadership Coaching (Virtual)

Evolve your team while solving your toughest issues. Leadership development efforts designed to remove-change-reinsert people don’t work. With a integral and developmental approach, we coach leaders and teams to get free of the limits they experience in their every day challenges.

• Create new ways of thinking together
• See systems, patterns and blindspots clearly
• Navigate challenges more effectively together
• System and process assessment
• Ensure Learning, Transformation and Development are Systemically Supported

Organizational and Service Transformation
Organizational and Service Transformation

Leading for innovation and sustainable change in your organization means wrestling with complexity, and the dynamics of change to create an alignment that makes great work possible. From ethnographic and action research to design thinking and co-created process work, we are critically aware of the importance of attending to the ways we co-create our social world.

Some of the ways we start:
• Strategy + governance
• Designed learning and innovation process work
• Transformation and change initiatives
• Applied research and Service transformation reviews

Complex Collaborations and Collective Impact Leadership
Complex Collaborations and Collective Impact Leadership

Make better sense of complex community issues with your diverse group of interested stakeholders. Don’t waste your time in endless process in the name of collaboration. We help you hone in on what investments will have the greatest impact. Get clear on where you are going and tap into the collective wisdom of your group and the community to create actionable strategy.

• Sensemaking with community issues from diverse lenses.
• Complex collaborative governance work.
• Multi-stakeholder process work with difficult partners.

Where We Start

  • Step 1: Let's Talk

    We schedule a zoom call for a time that's convenient for you. You are the real expert so we have learned to be great at listening. Then decide what's next together.

  • Step 2: Approach Design

    Drawing on our extensive toolkit on working with people, human systems, and innovation we design a best fit process in conversation with you. We pick a great starting point and adapt on the fly as your group evolves.

  • Step 3: Implement

    We get into it with you - coaching, consulting, designing, thought partnering - whatever it takes to get you and your people where you want to go and have some fun while we get there.

  • Step 4: Sustain

    Anything worth doing takes time and anything done well changes the game. We are in it for the long haul with you to advise, enhance, or reboot to make sure what you start keeps growing.

Jeff St. John, Ph.D.

Consultant + Coach + Facilitator

I help people see who, and where, they are more clearly so they can grow their impact deliberately, and work together more effectively for things that matter.